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Meet My Family

Jayatu Aparna Aarush I live in London along with my wife Aparna, and son Aarush.

I have already told you a bit about myself on the home page. I met Aparna in Hyderabad when we were working in the same organisation, but it wasn't until 2004 when she visited London on a business trip with work related to the same team I was working in, that we fell in love and then married in 2005.

Aarush joined us in 2011 and brought in immense joy and happiness and has been keeping us busy ever since. We announced his arrival on his own birth announcement website - www.1stRayOfSun.com. I usually add more pictures of him on his own website - www.AarushMandal.com.
My parents live in Calcutta at our family home. Jayatu's Parents
Priyatu and Agomoni My brother Priyatu lives in the 'Valley of the Gods' with his wife Agomoni.
My In-Laws live in Hyderabad. Jayatu's In-Laws



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